What is GroupTones?

Launched in Sept 2012, GroupTones is a location based platform connecting today’s music community. GroupTones was built with Google-Maps, making it easy to explore local musicians and events.

What does GroupTones cost?

GroupTones is an absolutely free service.

Who is GroupTones for?

GroupTones is for musicians of all levels of experience, from novice to rock star. GroupTones was created by musicians who want to explore diverse musical interests and backgrounds. Whether it’s finding a new drummer or your first jazz brunch, GroupTones connects you with the music community.

But I’m not a musician, should I still join GroupTones?

Absolutely! GroupTones is for all who want to take part in their music community, not just musicians. Bar owners, graphic artists, sound engineers are all part of today’s musical landscape.

What are the icons on the map?

GroupTones is post based, allowing members to easily add content to the map.

A gig is a post seeking musicians. Whether its for a private party or a local festival, a gig post indicates a request for musicians services.

An event is a post promoting a local live experience, whether its an open mic, a CD release, or a launch party!

Why should I join GroupTones?

You work hard enough on your music. Spending hours looking for gigs and musicians shouldn’t keep you from spending time on what’s most important do you.

GroupTones is incredibly easy to use and free! It was designed with your goals in mind: to create, share, and experience music in a way that is simple and hassle-free.

What if I play classical/polka/horror-core?

It doesn’t matter if you play the bass, banjo, or bouzouki, all types of music are encouraged at GroupTones. The more diversity the better!

Where is GroupTones based? Where can I use GroupTones?

As Group Tones is based in Boston, we are concentrating on a New England-based launch. We hope that you use GroupTones as you travel; we have members from San Francisco to Texas to Haiti. Everyone from Japan to France is welcome and encouraged to join!

What do I do now?

Sign up for an account and go put yourself on the map! We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to tell your friends and bandmates, but please help spread the word!

We aim to create a place for musicians to explore and connect with other like minded individuals.

Now go navigate the music industry!
If you have any questions, comments, requests, please send an email to dan@Grouptones.com

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