Life after headphones-bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers are the hottest item for music listening, and for good reason. The portability, sound (volume and quality), battery life, and price have made them a solid alternative to a set of headphones this holiday season.

While it’s difficult for speakers to match the sound quality of a pair of good headphones, the experience of listening through headphones leaves much to be desired. For many, music is best enjoyed when shared with others, and speakers let you break out of the modern personal sound bubble. Also, many listeners report discomfort or claustrophobia after 1+ hours of wearing headphones.
There is also an inherent difference between experiencing sound as it fills the room and surrounds you, and having it pumped directly into your ears.  
A few models to check out:

JBL Charge 2

Best bang for your buck. Tons of battery life, great sound quality. 

Skull Candy Air Raid

Engineered to be the loudest portable speaker on the market, and they got it done. Great for the beach and outdoors. 

Nixon Mini Blaster

Pairing Mini Blasters creates a stereo effect. I hope this standard for all models soon!

Grain Audio PWS

Very clean sound, awesome look from NYC based Grain Audio.

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